CV in Inglese


Lauro Magnani is Professor of History of Modern Art at the University of Genoa.
He currently teaches courses of  History of Modern Art at the School of Humanities and a course of “Artistic Image and Narrative Structure for a Virtual World” for the Engineering Degree. He is coordinator of the Program of Ph.D. studies in Art History and Director of the Artistic Heritage Graduate School.
His field of research include:
– Palaces and villas of the Genoese aristocracy. His studies on Genoese gardens and villas led to the publication of a monograph devoted to the topic (1987,revised second edition 2005).In 1997 he was a Summer Fellow at the Centre for Studies in Landscape Architecture, Dumbarton Oaks,Washington, where he returned in 2001 to take part in the XXIII Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on the History of Landscape Architecture; he later took part in the International Forum of Garden Cities in Wuhan, China, co-organized by the Dumbarton Oaks Centre.
– Post-tridentine imagery in  figurative arts, on which he wrote essays (1983-85) and monographs (1990, 2000). He has recently been co-curator of  a monograph about female monasteries in Genoa (2011).
– Luca Cambiaso, about whom he wrote a monograph (1995), followed by the temporary exhibitions in Austin, Texas (2006); Genoa, Italy (2007); and Osnabrück, Germany (2007), as well as the ones focusing on Cambiaso’s drawings (Venice 2002, Genoa 2007) and an international symposium on the artist’s works (2008).
– Baroque painting in Genoa, with monographs  and essays ( 1990, 2000, 2013,2014)  and one exhibition dedicated to mythological iconography, “Metamorfosi del mito” (2003)
– Studies on 17th-century sculpture (1988 e 2003), including essays written for the catalogue of the exhibitions “Genova nell’Età Barocca” (1992) and “Pierre Puget” (1994 and 1995).
– In-depth analyses of works by great artists: Correggio (2011 e 2012), Barocci (2009), Caravaggio (2011), Andrea Pozzo (2011), Daniele Crespi (2006),Rembrandt ( 2006 and 2007).
He has published essays about art patronage in Genoa (1987, 2009, 2010, 2013).
He has been Chancellor’s Delegate for the conservation and communication of the cultural patrimony of the University of Genoa.